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Meagan Alexander

Meagan Alexander

Grief Counsellor & Psychotherapist

B.A., RSSW, RP (Q)

A Registered Social Service Worker, specializes in ADHD coaching, anxiety treatment, and bereavement support. With a focus on mindfulness, she empowers clients to process emotions and begin healing.

Professional Focus and Approach

Meagan Alexander, RSSW, brings a wealth of expertise as a Registered Social Service Worker, specializing in ADHD coaching, anxiety treatment, and bereavement support. Her unique approach extends to working with both children and adults, incorporating mindfulness techniques to address daily stressors and enhance mental well-being. Meagan's compassionate and mindful approach creates a supportive environment, emphasizing connection and empowerment in her therapeutic practice.


Meagan's expertise extends to being a Bereavement & Loss Specialist, reflecting her focused training and experience in this critical area. In her three-plus years of practicing psychometry under the guidance of Dr. Vincent Murphy and Brian Crowe, both experienced psychologists, Meagan has honed her skills, offering a nuanced and well-informed perspective in her role at Dr. Vincent Murphy & Associates. Her commitment to compassionate care, paired with a diverse skill set, positions Meagan as a valuable asset in supporting clients through ADHD, anxiety, bereavement, and beyond.

Education and Experience

Meagan's educational journey reflects a commitment to diverse and holistic learning. A graduate of King’s University College at Western University, she holds a double major in Thanatology and Childhood and Social Institutions. Complementing her degree, Meagan completed the Social Service Worker program at Fanshawe College, gaining practical skills. Her commitment to ongoing education is evident in her diverse certifications, including Expressive Play Therapy, End of Life Doula, Children’s Grief and Bereavement, and Mental Health First Aid. Meagan's continuous pursuit of knowledge enriches her practice, providing clients with a comprehensive and up-to-date approach to mental health.


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