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Autism Assessment

The ADOS-2 assessment ensures accurate ASD diagnosis, guiding individuals to the care they need.

Personalized Support

Guiding individuals and their families towards tailored support, ensuring their unique needs are met.

Empowered Decisions

With an accurate diagnosis, families and individuals can make informed decisions about therapy, education, and long-term planning.



ADOS-2 offers a precise diagnosis, reducing uncertainty and enabling timely access to appropriate resources and services.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnosis

Empowering Targeted Support and Understanding

The ADOS-2 assessment is here to provide you with clarity and support. It's your way to an accurate diagnosis if you suspect autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We understand the importance of getting the right care and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should I follow to arrange an ADOS-2 assessment at VMA Psych?

Begin by reaching out to VMA Psych directly. Our friendly staff will assist you with the necessary preliminary steps, ensuring a smooth and informed start to the assessment process.

Can you detail the expected length of time for the ADOS-2 assessment at VMA Psych?

The ADOS-2 assessment at VMA Psych is thoughtfully designed to last 2 hours, depending on the individual's unique ability to engage with the test's tasks.

Who is responsible for carrying out the ADOS-2 assessment at VMA Psych, and what qualifications do they hold?

At VMA Psych, the ADOS-2 Test is meticulously administered by our specially trained psychometrists. These professionals are closely supervised by our team of licensed psychologists and psychological associates, ensuring high standards of practice.


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