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Gifted Assessment

Nurturing Exceptional Talents for Bright Futures

Identify Hidden Talents

Our assessments reveal latent talents and strengths, ensuring that gifted students receive an education that supports their needs and enhances their strengths.

Lifelong Confidence

The confidence gained from truly understanding one's self as a learner extends far beyond the classroom, impacting future success and personal development.

Tailored Educational Plans

We help craft personalized educational plans that challenge and inspire, fostering continued growth and achievement


Empowering Excellence Through Gifted Assessment

Discovering Brilliance, One Assessment at a Time

We specialize in recognizing and nurturing exceptional talents. Our assessments are designed to unveil the unique abilities within individuals, empowering them to excel academically and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate a gifted assessment at VMA Psych?

Begin by contacting VMA Psych to arrange an intake and history session with a licensed psychologist or associate, setting the stage for a thorough assessment of giftedness.

What is the duration of the giftedness assessment at VMA Psych?

The assessment consists of a 2-hour testing session conducted by our trained psychometrists, designed to evaluate cognitive and social-emotional facets efficiently.

Who conducts the testing phase of the giftedness assessment at VMA Psych?

Trained psychometrists at VMA Psych carry out the testing, under the supervision of our experienced psychologists and associates, ensuring a professional and comprehensive evaluation.


Ready to Unleash Your Child's Potential?

Schedule Your Gifted Assessment Today for a Brighter Tomorrow.

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