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Psychological Check-in

Supporting Ongoing Child Development and Achievement



Update and refine Individual Education Plans to align with your child's current needs and goals.

Emotional and 

Academic Support

Evaluate emotional states and academic performance to ensure your child's educational experiences are fulfilling and effective.


Progress Review

Monitor your child's growth through annual assessments that highlight achievements and areas for improvement.


Continued Insights for Your Child’s Growth

Yearly Evaluations to Track Progress and Well-being

Our Annual Psychological Check-in provides a crucial review of your child's overall development and academic progress. Conducted by skilled clinicians, this comprehensive session assesses emotional, academic, and developmental milestones. It ensures that your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) remains optimal and reflects any new needs or achievements, supporting continued educational and personal success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Psychological Check-in?

The check-in includes an evaluation of your child’s emotional state, developmental progress, and academic performance, alongside updates to their Individual Education Plan.

How often should the Psychological Check-in occur?

It is recommended annually to align the assessment with your child's evolving educational and developmental needs.

Why is the Psychological Check-in important?

This check-in ensures that any adjustments needed in your child's educational and developmental support are made timely, fostering optimal growth and success.


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