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Arsh Sandhu

Arsh Sandhu



A dedicated Psychotherapist, with over four years of practice, guides individuals through intensive psychotherapy, specializing in anger, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship conflict.

Professional Focus and Approach

Arsh Sandhu, drawing from personal experiences of societal challenges in acknowledging struggles, offers a compassionate approach to psychotherapy. With over four years of specialized practice, Arsh has supported clients facing overwhelming emotions, feelings of incapacity, anger, confusion, helplessness, insecurity, and loneliness.


Arsh utilizes diverse techniques for intensive psychotherapy and coaching, particularly specializing in addressing issues related to anger, addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship conflicts. The unique perspective derived from cultural experiences, especially as a child of immigrants, enriches Arsh's ability to navigate difficulties, including generational differences, abusive relationships, and family conflict.

Education and Experience

Arsh holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Psychology and a Master’s degree in counselling psychology from Adler University in British Columbia. Currently in the process of qualifying as a licensed psychotherapist under the College of Registered Social Workers of Ontario, Arsh brings a robust academic foundation to their practice.


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