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Laurel Choat

Laurel Choat

Art Therapist


A registered Psychotherapist, merges design arts expertise with a master's equivalent from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. With a rich background, she specializes in trauma and attachment, contributing her skills to organizations like Lumenus Community Services.

Professional Focus and Approach

Laurel Choat, RP, DTATI, is a dedicated registered psychotherapist, aligning with the professional standards set by the Canadian Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and holding active membership in the Canadian Art Therapy Association. With a strong foundation in design arts from Seneca College, Laurel spent eight years as an art instructor in the private school system, fostering creativity. Her therapeutic approach combines expertise in psychotherapy and art, creating a compassionate and innovative environment for her clients.


Laurel's clinical expertise extends beyond conventional psychotherapy. She co-facilitated transformative CBT/Art Therapy and Anger Management groups at The George Hull Centre for Children and Families, showcasing her innovative and holistic approach. As a seasoned speaker and trainer, Laurel has shared her insights with institutions like the Catholic Children’s Aid Society and Toronto Metropolitan University. Her eighteen-year tenure at Lumenus Community Services underscores her commitment to trauma and attachment, reflecting a wealth of experience that enriches her role at Dr. Vincent Murphy & Associates.

Education and Experience

Laurel's educational journey is marked by a deep commitment to her craft. After earning her design arts credentials at Seneca College, she furthered her expertise at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (TATI), graduating with a master’s equivalent. Notably, Laurel's passion and skills were recognized as she served on the Board of Directors at both TATI and Therapy Through the Arts Foundation. Her academic pursuits have been complemented by real-world experience, including a significant tenure at Lumenus Community Services, specializing in trauma and attachment with latency-aged children.


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