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Duncan McManus

Duncan McManus

Child and Youth Care Worker


Duncan is a licensed Child and Youth Care worker with extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Professional Focus and Approach

A registered CYC and ASD Instructor Therapist with experience in both public and private sectors of child and youth support, Duncan utilizes a person-centered approach to supporting youth in their academic, behavioural and mental health needs. He thoughtfully tailors an individual care-based approach that incorporates the clients’ interests and strengths through a holistic lens to foster positive development in their short & long term goals. With compassion, Duncan empowers clients towards optimal development through a mindful perspective.


Duncan specializes in ASD/ABA, academic support and skill development. He utilizes tools such as mindfulness, CBT, therapeutic programming, social emotional learning and strength based development practices.

Education and Experience

Duncan has an Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care, and a graduate diploma in Autism and Behavioural Science at Fanshawe College. His background in the educational field has led him to working in the London Catholic School Board as an Educational Assistant and as a Private Instructor Therapist over the past four years. He draws his experience from working in a variety of classroom settings & milieus promoting inclusion, socialization, skill development and overall well-being. Duncan is passionate about furthering his education to broaden his area of expertise and continue to support a wider range of client needs.


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