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Get to Know Dr. Elissa Golden

Dr. Elissa Golden works with children, adolescents and adults exhibiting a wide variety of psychological and academic challenges. Dr. Golden believes in working with the individual or family to create meaningful improvements based on their unique goals and needs.


Dr. Golden earned her Ph. D. from Nova Southeastern University. For the past six years, she has performed psycho-educational assessments for undergraduate students at the Accessibility Services Centre at University of Toronto. She also evaluates children and adolescents through her position at Vince Murphy and Associates.

Dr. Golden also specializes in providing cognitive-behavioural therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression. During her graduate training, she served as the clinical coordinator of the Anxiety Treatment Centre at Nova Southeastern University. She also provided counseling to undergraduate students at the Counseling and Psychological Services Centre at University of Toronto. 


Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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